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Weekly Blog – May W2/18 – Control System Programming, Extreme Diet & iOS Development

So I've decided to dedicate some time and blog about what I'm accomplishing each week, what my setbacks are and where I'm currently headed. I believe that this practice will allow me to be more accountable for what I'm looking to achieve, to share some of my knowledge and hopefully answer some of the same questions others are having. [...]

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Profitable Niche Selection – How to Select Your Online Marketing Niche and Domain

Today we're talking about niche selection. I've released a video on the topic but wanted to create a complete guide for you to follow when it comes to selecting a profitable niche for your online venture. I will also discuss the topic of domain selection and my simple approach to registering a domain for a niche website. Lastly, I will [...]

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Arduino Tutorial #5 – Burning the Bootloader onto the Atmega328 with AVR MKII Programmer

By | March 14th, 2014|My Projects|

)The fifth Arduino Tutorial is dedicated to the process of Burning the Bootloader onto a fresh Atmega328. For this procedure I am using the MKII Programmer which you should be [...]

Arduino Tutorial #4 – Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) – Getting your data onto a screen!

By | February 24th, 2014|My Projects|

In the fourth Arduino Tutorial we explore the world of Liquid Crystal Displays which are more commonly known are LCDs. These displays allow you to display a certain number of [...]

Arduino Tutorial #3 – Shift Registers (74HC595) – Controlling Multiple Outputs with Fewer Pins

By | February 14th, 2014|My Projects|

In the third Arduino Tutorial we are exploring shift registers and the concept of having multiple outputs from fewer Arduino Pins. This is an extremely helpful and useful technique for [...]