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2805, 2018

PLC Programming Tutorial 1 – Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 w/ RSlinx RSLogix500 BOOTP

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I have been programming Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for the last 5 years. I've finally decided to take some time and share the knowledge I've acquired over the multiple roles I had within manufacturing sites. Arren Bradley has been my platform of choice due to the fact that I've received critical training focused on these controllers early on in my career. As an Electrical Engineer, I had never taken a class on PLCs before I started working. Furthermore, I had no idea what they were. It seems that the industrial manufacturing industry is extremely secretive about the technology and has [...]

1705, 2018

Weekly Blog – May W2/18 – Control System Programming, Extreme Diet & iOS Development

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So I've decided to dedicate some time and blog about what I'm accomplishing each week, what my setbacks are and where I'm currently headed. I believe that this practice will allow me to be more accountable for what I'm looking to achieve, to share some of my knowledge and hopefully answer some of the same questions others are having. I'm going to break this down into several sections. My goal is to cover some of my professional work, some side projects as well as life changes and challenges which I'm working on. Work - 1756-L83 PLC & PanelView Plus [...]

2704, 2018

Profitable Niche Selection – How to Select Your Online Marketing Niche and Domain

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Today we're talking about niche selection. I've released a video on the topic but wanted to create a complete guide for you to follow when it comes to selecting a profitable niche for your online venture. I will also discuss the topic of domain selection and my simple approach to registering a domain for a niche website. Lastly, I will quickly cover an experiment which I will be conducting which consists of showing the step by step process of creating a brand new website and ranking it for particular keywords. The goal is to go over each and every step along the [...]

1904, 2018

Ranking a Brand New Niche Website Through Organic Content

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One of my biggest passions for the last 5 or so years has been making websites. Although in the early years, I had used "shady" techniques which worked in the short term, I've learned my lesson. About 3 months ago, I decided to embark on a journey of launching multiple niche websites which I have been growing through organic content and absolutely no artificial link building. The two websites I currently own are still in their infancy and I continue to add content every single day. However, I'm starting to see a steady flow of Google listings as well as [...]

1104, 2018

Keyword Research, Analysis and Free Tips & Tools Guide

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Keyword Research is vital to any business looking to grow its online presence. Not only is it a catalyst for traffic growth, but also plays an important role in brand positioning and awareness. By devoting time to this activity, experienced individuals are able to strategically position themselves ahead of the competition and provide great value to their customers and brands. Keyword research is a simple process which is often ignored by inexperienced marketers. In this article, I will take a deep dive into the world of keyword research, analysis and the way it impacts SEO. For those who are not convinced [...]

1307, 2017

Resolving Most Complex Technical Breakdowns in Manufacturing

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Last monday, we lost a drive at our facility in Fullerton. This post is dedicated to covering, reflecting and discussing how the whole process went and what could have done better or differently. The Breakdown Information - Emerson FX 230 Drive Although I can't go into too much detail, I can definitely cover the technology. We have a case packing unit which is about 25 years old at our facility. It has both a PLC 5 (RSLogix 5) and a Micro Logix (RSLogix 5000). Both of these processors are used for I/O and communicate between each other through discrete Input / [...]