About Me

Update 10/20/2015

Completed “The Complete Web Developer Course”
URL: https://www.udemy.com/complete-web-developer-course
List of topics:

    CSS – Built several landing pages
    JavaScript – Built a reaction tester app
    jQuery – Built an AJAX code player
    Bootstrap – Built a mobile friendly landing page
    PHP – Built a contact form
    MySQL – Built a blog website
    APIs – Built a website which extracts tweets and displays them through the Twitter API

Update 10/20/2013

Hello and welcome to my site,

As you have probably noticed, my name is Vladimir Romanov and this website is dedicated to the documentation of my journey as a Professional Engineer. Currently, as of February 18th 2013, I am still a student at Concordia University in the Electrical Engineering program with the “Power and Renewable Energy” option.

I am passionate about what I do and hope that my projects as well as my extra curricular activities can convince you of my extensive involvement in this field. I am an extremely versatile person and believe that my degree has taught me far more than simple technical skills. It has shown me that no matter what the project is, no matter how difficult it may seem at the beginning, everything can be achieved provided that enough effort is put in. In other words, no matter what the problem or challenge is, I should be able to complete it given sufficient time! (And funds of course!)

If you are still wondering about what exactly I accomplished during my last few years at Concordia University, I made a list of all the courses which you can see below.

Full Description of each course: Click Here!

Engineering Core

    ELEC 275 Principles of Electrical Engineering
    ENCS 282 Technical Writing and Communication
    ENGR 201 Professional Practice and Responsibility
    ENGR 202 Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship
    ENGR 213 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations
    ENGR 233 Applied Advanced Calculus
    ENGR 301 Engineering Management Principles and Economics
    ENGR 371 Probability and Statistics in Engineering
    ENGR 391 Numerical Methods in Engineering
    ENGR 392 Impact of Technology on Society
    MARK 201 Introduction to Marketing (Elective Course)

Electrical Engineering Core

    COEN 231 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
    COEN 243 Programming Methodology I
    COEN 311 Computer Organization and Software
    COEN 312 Digital Systems Design I
    ELEC 251 Fundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics
    ELEC 264 Signals and Systems I
    ELEC 311 Electronics I
    ELEC 321 Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices
    ELEC 331 Fundamentals of Electrical Power Engineering
    ELEC 351 Electromagnetic Waves and Guiding Structures
    ELEC 363 Fundamentals of Telecommunications Systems
    ELEC 364 Signals and Systems II
    ELEC 365 Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations
    ELEC 370 Modelling and Analysis of Physical Systems
    ELEC 372 Fundamentals of Control Systems
    ELEC 390 Electrical Engineering Team Design Project
    ELEC 490 Capstone Electrical Engineering Design Project

Power and Renewable Energy Electives

    ELEC 433 Power Electronics
    ELEC 437 Renewable Energy Systems
    ELEC 440 Controlled Electric Drives
    ELEC 481 Linear Systems
    ELEC 442 Digital Signal Processing

Other Electives

    COEN 352 Data Structures and Algorithms
    ELEC 462 Digital Communications
    ELEC 463 Telecommunication Networks
    COEN 315 Digital Electronics