The EEVBlog – a great source of information

I was extremely surprised when I heard from some of my fellow Electrical Engineering students that they have never heard of the EEV Blog!The EEV Blog is basically an Electrical Engineering Video Blog which is hosted by David L. Jones. He is a professional electronics engineer and as a hobby decided to review, tear down and to teach people about electronics on YouTube! Brilliant!

I am a huge fan of the blog and have gone through most of its content and it is simply amazing to see how much effort and time David puts into making these videos; he seems to be extremely knowledgeable, so it is quite interesting to learn about even the basic things we were never taught at the University.

If you are even a little bit interested in electronics design then you should definitely check him out! Here are the links and a Shout out to David L. Jones!

Website: EEVBlog

Youtube: EEVBlog YouTube Channel