Web Development Dreams

Passion for web development

I have always been very excited about web development. I remember that it all started in am HTML fundamentals college class. Since that day, I’ve been building websites, optimizing them, marketing them, etc. Although I never had any formal education since, I always tried to learn as much as I could on my own and keep myself up to date on the new platforms out there.

Timeline of projects

I remember building my first website using iframe elements right after the above mentioned course. The idea was to have a website which would provide users with textbook solutions. It was a great idea at the time since it was very hard to find solutions and websites such as Cramster did not exist. Despite the idea, the implementation never went beyond an actual layout.

My next ventures all came out of a great community (warriorforum) which inspired me to launch myself into the internet marketing journey. I’ve built countless websites on WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, etc. I learned how to create beautiful layouts, customize templates/plugins and extend their functionality for my needs.

My latest ventures were mostly related to selling physical goods. I’ve launched several websites on Shopify and WooCommerce platforms in order to market and sell physical products. The latest and greatest website in my portfolio is http://seamstitch.com