Arduino Tutorial #5 – Burning the Bootloader onto the Atmega328 with AVR MKII Programmer

The fifth Arduino Tutorial is dedicated to the process of Burning the Bootloader onto a fresh Atmega328. For this procedure I am using the MKII Programmer which you should be able to find on Digi-Key. Beware of fake programmers sold from China! Many of them were reported not working! Beware!
Programmer Link: Digi-Key AVR Programmer

The process of loading the bootloader onto the microcontroller is straight forward. What you bootloader1need to do is to simply remove your current Atmega328 from the Arduino and put a blank one in its place. You then supply your Arduino with 5v (Required for the programmer) and plug in the programmer header. Pay attention to the orientation of the device or you may damage it!

The bootloader I burned in the tutorial can be found here: Bootloader

A key point in the process is setting the right registers, which is also done through Atmel Studio. Here are the settings you need to put in:


Once you have the bootloader on the microcontroller, you should be able to load any sketches onto it without a problem.

Thank you for watching my tutorial and reading my project blog!

Let me know which projects you’ve built with an external microcontroller.

– Vlad