Getting Started with FPGA – Spartan3E Xilinx Dev. Board

I have been contemplating to learn VHDL for a very long time as I was always fascinated with FPGAs and their widespread in the electronics world. A couple of days ago I decided to look for a good starter kit and after spending several hours searching the web, I decided to stop on a newly released platform for the Spartan3E: Papillio and the extension wing for it.2013-08-03 17.41.01

Despite being new to FPGAs, I was interested in learning VHDL and not simply to learn another “Arduino” type abstraction for the said FPGA. I therefore looked for several guides and found one written by Mike Field. From the first glance it is extremely easy to comprehend and Mike walks you through every step of the process.

I will be starting to implement his exercises one by one and slowly update my blog with new and interesting things I develop on this exciting platform, so stay tuned!

P.S.: So far I have managed to implement logic functions, so you can say that I have passed the “Hello World” stage of the Spartan3E.